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Motivational Words

Motivational Words

Occasionally, we all go through times of anxiety in our lives. Unwelcome changes like sickness, traveling or fighting with a loved one, can quickly flood you with anxiety that swiftly washes away. Other times, like when you are going through a divorce or are stuck in a job you hate, anxiety quietly rolls in and lingers for awhile, like grey mist at dusk.

Use motivational words to regain perspective and control. It is natural to have concerns and life throws lots of punches, but you can fight back with all your might. Use motivational words to regain perspective and control. As the famous saying goes, "Don't sweat the small stuff...and it is all small stuff."

Another favorite quote that helps me to regain perspective is, "If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today" E. Joseph Cossman

The next time the weeds of anxiety begin to sprout, try some of these motivational words to smash them down.

1. I am intrinsically valuable as a human being. My life is a great gift.

2. I am capable of managing obstacles and challenges that come my way.

3. Challenges help me to grow and I am strong enough and smart enough to handle whatever comes my way.

4. Everyone experiences challenges and set backs. This is a natural part of life. I have had many joys and triumphs in my life, too.

5. I choose not to let anxiety paralyze me and overwhelm me.

6. I am capable of and responsible for making things happen in my life.

7. I am open to learning news ways of handling my fears and anxieties.

8. Today is all I can control.

9. Today I am in control of my feelings, actions and emotions.

10. I will not worry about tomorrow, because, whatever happens, I am intelligent enough to handle it.

11. No one else can ease my fears and worries but me, because I am in control of my feelings.

12. I am aligned to positive thoughts and actions. I choose to create a positive life.

13. Each time I stop a negative thought, I make room for a positive thought to take its' place.

14. I accept others for who they are and I make them feel comfortable.

15. I have valuable life experiences to share with others and to help them on their own paths. I will not let anxiety drain my energy and keep me from doing positive, loving things in my life.

Take 5 minutes to write down some of your own motivational words. Think of a time when you accomplished something - anything - that made you feel good. Perhaps it was going for a walk, keeping your dentist appointment or holding the door open for a stranger. Now, write down one positive sentence about that experience, for example "I am kind to others; I can make myself feel good and productive; I contribute to society; My actions help others; I do things that make me happy."

Good luck writing your own motivational words and have some fun today :-)

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