Ready to Get Motivated?

Exhausted? Stressed-out? Overwhelmed? is a site focused on providing you with the motivational words and motivational thoughts you need to jump start your life.

The self improvement resources on this site cover: 1. creating a personal development plan 2. learning how to set goals 3. conquering fear of the future 4. exploring how perception creates reality 5. boost self confidence 6. master motivational thoughts.

Through smart choices, the use of motivational words and optimal thinking, conscious growth is attainable. Let me say that again: I know it is possible for you to stop self sabotage and live a smart, effective and happy life.

This site will help you to be courageous and create a vision of the future that you can have. It will provide you with the insights, tools, and techniques to live the life of your dreams.

I believe that a personal development plan is fun, exciting, and tremendously rewarding. Authentic personal development is about discovering who you truly are and how to live your life as an outward expression of your inner self. The process of discovery as well as the process of getting your life actions to be congruent with your internal desires are processes that create long term positive growth.

The areas explored on this website are:

Genius: I know you are intelligent and capable of great things and you will know it, too

Respect: Believe you are worthy of love, good health, and abundance

Love: Love yourself and make stronger connections in significant relationships such as family and friends

Connectedness: We are all one and connected with each other

Spirituality: Be aware and live consciously

Career: Create a job or make a personal career choice that you actually like and care about

Money: You can have it and you don't have to compromise to get it

Health: Be disciplined and respect your body

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About Me
About Me: Shiftshappen personal development plan author
Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes for Inspiration and Your Personal Development Plan
Perception vs Reality
Perception vs Reality What happens outside of you means nothing. What I say to myself about it means everything.
Positive Sayings #2
Positive Sayings and Homemade Cookies
Perception Illusion
The perception illusion: To change your habits, you must first change your perception.
How To Stop Self-Doubt
Perception Process
The Secret to The Perception Process
Positive Thoughts
Positive Thoughts on Evolving Through Life
Something You Can Do
No Matter How Small, There Is Always Something You Can Do
Ways to Pay Off Debt
Ways To Pay Off Debt Without Being Co-Dependent On Family
Self-Reinforcement: you recognizing you is sincere and therefore quite powerful.
Tardiness: How to Stop Being Late For Everything
How To Get In Shape
How To Get In Shape: Can Fitness Become a Habit?
Self Motivate
Self Motivate: Stop holding yourself back from getting what you truly want. Motivational words to help you achieve your goals
Personal Development Plan
Personal Development Plan: You CAN Do It!
Starting Home Business
Tips For Starting Home Business
Very Small Business
What It Feels Like When You Start Your Very Small Business
Motivational Words
Motivational Words: Use Them to Enhance Your Personal Development Plan
Authentic Happiness
When you are in a state of authentic happiness, then you are in harmony with yourself and you are on purpose. You are filled with great peace and a love of everything and everyone...
Great Awakening #2
my inner voice asked me a key question, "What do you want your day to be like? Happy? Or, stressed? All of a sudden, I had a great awakening.
Self Sabotage #3
Self Sabotage: How to Conquer It!
Overcoming Fears
Articles on Overcoming Fears
Organized Living
Organized Living Articles
Lack of Motivation #3
Lack of Motivation: How to Conquer Limiting Beliefs
Great Resources
Other Great Resources
Goal Mapping #3
Goal Mapping Home Page
Personal Development Plans
Personal Development Plans: Get Focused and Motivated
Self-Motivation Tips
Self Motivation Techniques
Self Motivation Techniques for Overcoming Laziness and Excuses
How To Get Motivated
How To Get Motivated
Goals and Motivation
Goals and Motivation
Setting Personal Goals
The Trick to Setting Personal Goals
Personal Development Quotes
Personal Development Quotes #4
Positive Energy Thoughts
Positive Energy Thoughts: How To Develop Them
Personal Development Blogs
Personal Development Blogs Can Help You In Your Personal Development Plan
Motivational Quotes From Athletes
Motivational Quotes from Athletes & Daily Positive Thought
Universal Laws of Attraction
Get The Universal Laws of Attraction to Work For You!
Work Motivation
Work Motivation: Tips on Increasing Career Motivation
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Contact Me
Contact Me Shifts Happen Home Page
Anxiety Advice
Anxiety Advice:
Positive Quotes
The Top Positive Quotes
Linden Method Endorsement
My Best Positive Quotes
These are the best positive quotes to keep you heart, mind and soul motivated

Hi - I'm Courtney, the author of this website. I am just an average person with a passion for personal development and blogging. Through my blog, I want to tell people about some of the things that have really helped me on my own personal development "path".